Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Update

WVITV offline... 2014 update
To anyone still reading...

I haven't quite yet killed this blog or the idea of WVITV but it has been basically abandoned. Just to maintain some sort of presence on this site while I determine what its fate will be I thought I'd make a quick post. 

Since landing in the Land of Enchantment of good old Albuquerque NM, I've been attending CNM and completed two semesters toward my certification in Hospitality & Tourism. I am now in my third semester and if I wasn't limited to half time (due to out of state tuition costs above 6 credit hours) this might have been my semester of completion. At half time I estimate I'll finish toward the end of 2014. 

Besides classes, I took a student employee position on campus. It's not Hospitality & Tourism, however I am working directly with students and get lots of practice being hospitable.  

Once I hit the road again, if I decide to revive this blog, I'm sure I'll have more interesting updates. Perhaps, I'll even make more videos. (I really should at least finish my second episode of Hostel Review for Bucharest, Romania!) At the very least I should have some new travel tales or pull the plug. 

Oh, I did go to Germany again in 2013 for the Christmas season and New Years! It was a family visit though, so I've nothing I really feel like sharing, other than I had a great time in Germany and visiting them.