Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In Reality It Is Always Just TV - And Not Reality

Today I am snug as a bug in a rug! Yesterday...

It is true a day can make a difference. Yesterday I arrived in Bucharest. I had a few wrinkles upon arrival. First, I could not get money from the ATM. Not good! I decided not to buy any Romanian currency before hand so I was in a pickle. After calling the bank from my computer, which required me to search the airport high and low for wifi first, I got things sorted and was able to make a withdrawal. Relief, crisis conquered! Next, feeling a bit a drained I decided I would take a taxi instead of the bus to my hostel. I knew I'd probably get taken for a ride financially if i took a cab so I originally planned on using the awesome instructions for the bus provided by Holiday Hostel. However, I really didn't plan on being drained after an ATM ordeal so I decided on plan B. I'd read online about catching a taxi from departures not arrivals as they would be cheaper. So that's what I did but the cabby still ripped me off. He charged the rate from arrivals and then some. I was so grateful just to have made it to the hostel and have access to money that I just let it go when on top of overcharging he then short changed me. Driving for 45 minutes with the "Empty" gas light on was no picnic on my nerves either. On the bright side, I made it! Safe and sound and in no time I had met some people to talk to. One even gave me a beer!

What's has this got to do with TV? Good question! During and shortly after my cash and cab troubles a thought had occurred to me that I wasn't getting all this on film. Now that I've had a night to sleep on it I'm actually glad. Why? Well the answer is simple. I don't find reality shows that entertaining personally and it's not the sort of TV I want to make. I feel good knowing I can share my adventures and misadventures right here on this blog. As for any shows I make I think I like choosing what to film and when, as apposed to trying to catch every moment, under the guise of creating something real. TV isn't reality in my opinion and I feel better about not rolling camera all the time.

On that note today is a new day and I've had an awesome rest. This hostel is amazing. There is just one small issue... I woke up for the day not long ago and the time now is 6PM. I guess I am a bit jet lagged!


  1. I know what could have solved your cash and cab troubles -- the Cash Cab! :)


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