Friday, November 9, 2012

Munich & Meandering: Motion Helps With Motivation

Yesterday I went for a stroll in downtown Munich. (Yep, more pictures... click HERE).

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with myself lately. I have a lot of ideas and yet nothing sounds good. Plus, if I think about all the steps involved I get overwhelmed and wonder just how am I going to do anything. 

Sound familiar? Do you search for your missing inspiration or wallow in self criticism sometimes? Do you find yourself in a vicious circle ever? I can relate. 

While meandering in Munich, I was reminded of something that I think can help and I feel the need to share. "You gotta give action to get action". That's one of my favorite quotes from the movie Swimming Sharks. Basically, this means nothing happens from sitting around and thinking about it. Action leads to action. 

The other day my cousin asked me to join him for lunch and I dreaded the idea of finding the city center on my own. It's three connections involving one bus and two metros. After my recent train trip from Bucharest I don't blame myself. That trip has had overlapping affects on my mood lately. (Or, I've allowed it too). Nonetheless, I did want to see the city and I am here to visit with him so I knew that it was just a matter of overcoming my emotions and taking one step at a time. If I got lost, was late, had to pay for a cab or had to try to ask someone (with my limited German) for directions, or whatever shit-case scenario I could think of, I might be inconvenienced and I might feel embarrassed but that's about it. I know these thoughts are just my minds silly way of trying to talk me out of doing things.

Whenever I get caught up in milling over the details of things I find it can be depressing. There is nothing  wrong with careful thought and planning. However, over analyzing can lead to indecision and inaction. My advice (note to self), for what it's worth, if in doubt, stop thinking so much, pick something to do and do it. If you change your mind great! Just keep moving! If you need a break sometimes, that's alright too. Take one by all means! Just remember if you find yourself sitting with your thoughts and your mood is slipping the cure is ACTION. Pick something and start moving again! Long story short: I'm still not sure what to do with myself but the more I'm doing and less I'm dwelling the better I feel. 

I met up with my cousin yesterday. We had a great lunch. Then I went for a stroll in the city center. I did a little shopping at the mall (the Christmas decorations are up already). After he finished work for the day we met up again and we went to the gym. With such a busy day I never had time to sit with my thoughts. I was in motion! 

By the way, I was on time and didn't get lost on the way to lunch. I just followed the directions, one step at a time, piece of cake!


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