Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reprieve - Renewal & The Road Ahead

What next? Where to? What to do now?

Questions are looming in my head theses days! Three weeks back stateside and I'm already feeling stir crazy.

Lately I've been dwelling on what I'm supposed to be doing with myself. I forget that my life isn't a checklist it's an open itinerary.

I have a wicked ego that is fighting violently to maintain the life that is safe and familiar to it and the harder I struggle the more it resists. I know it is useless to convince someone of something that doesn't want to listen so why do I try so hard? I'm in charge of my life right? Not my insecurities! Nevertheless, I can't see anything beyond the road that lies directly ahead and sometimes that's just blank and frightening to me.

Since my thoughts aren't serving me productively, starting today I'm canceling all appointments with worry, resetting my brain and muting my ego.

The road ahead is waiting...


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