Monday, August 6, 2012

Asia Summary 2012: Intense - Educational - An Experience Of A Lifetime

It is the sixth of August 2012. I now have less than 48 hours left before I board a flight headed back to the U.S.. I've been thinking about what to say to people when they inquire about or when I am grilled for my opinion of this & that related to my trip. I imagine the questions: "How was it?" coming in first place and "How did you like it?" being a close second. Not that my opinion even matters it's just rote questioning whenever you've been somewhere.

What I came up with is that it's far more perplexing than whether I liked anything about the people, places and things I have encountered over the past 90 days. During my time here I simply got used to things as they are and accepted them. Lucky for me I've had practice so I am better equipped to do that these days. To try and put it simply, I'd say this journey for me was an extraordinary clash of: like it, love it, hate it as well as come to embrace it. Also, I am sure to reflect, learn and continue to grow from this exploit for much time to come. 

On that note, I'm ready for the next adventure to be much more frivolous! 


  1. What? I thought you were going to take 1 more trip to Brazil? Why all the sudden jump back to USA?

    1. Hey Robert!

      I have one more trip in mind. Not sure if I'll go to Tennessee or to Rio. Still deciding. May end up some place altogether different in the end. Anyway, just used up the roundtrip ticket and the states is as good a place as any to plan the next trip, especially if it ends up being here. Bonus, I can trim down on some luggage again. Thanks for reading!

    2. Nashville rocks man! Check out a William Henry presentation and his Stargate Park tour.


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