Thursday, July 26, 2012


cuttlefish |ˈkətlˌfi sh |

noun ( pl. same or -fishes)
a swimming marine mollusk that resembles a broad squid, having eight arms and two long tentacles that are used for grabbing prey. Its internal skeleton is cuttlebone, which it uses for adjusting buoyancy.
Order Sepioidea, class Cephalopoda: Sepia and other genera.
ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from cuttle + fish 1 .

I ingested one of these things for the first time today (actually I had a few of them) and I didn't even know I was going to when I ordered my meal! Although this thing is sort of weird looking it is tasty. Sometimes it's a good idea to try things with complete blind faith. The dish I ate is called Fried Mee Jawa. Click this: link from to learn more about Mee Jawa! 


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