Sunday, July 22, 2012

Room Service @ Victory Hotel - Fried Meehoon / Bee Hoon Singapore Style

I'm so happy to be spending my final weeks in Malaysia in comfort. I really feel more like a local now having a home base and the opportunity to learn the area from a central vantage point. Backpacking from place to place has it's pluses but when I came to Asia this time I thought I'd do that for a while and then find an apartment. Well, I did not find an apartment this time. However, I did find the hotel I'm at and a huge advantage, that being room-service. 

The menu at my hotel is from a nearby restaurant called Sakura, which delivers. They have Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian and western style dishes on their menu. A new found favorite for me is Meehoon, click this link: Fried Meehoon / Bee Hoon Singapore Style, for a recipe. It's a delicious light meal made with noodles, seasonings, vegetables, shrimps and meat as desired. When I get back to the United States I'll be preparing this one for my mom to try. She's going to love it!


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