Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Have Decided To Live In Malaysia


Yes you read that correctly! Wait... No, it's not permanent.      Skype Emoticons

When I set out on this trip I always kept it in the back of my mind that I might want to settle down over here. There certainly are plenty of opportunities for me to live in Asia. My heart was set on exploring and leaving it partly to chance and partly to how I feel about what I can make of a life over here. Well, so far the past couple of months haven't been anything like what I imagined. Is that bad news? No! It's perfectly fine. I have had one hell of an experience and I'm glad I came. In life nothing really turns out as we imagine it, imagining things is the best way to get started though. I not only got started by I feel satisfied with the outcome and myself for doing what I set out to do. 

As for living in Malaysia, I am thrilled at this point. First, I feel I've placed enough miles on myself and explored enough that I'm ready to chill out in one spot for a while. I'm in a great neighborhood in the city and many of my favorite things to do are close by and easy to get to. So, I secured a room for the entire month and I'm going to mingle among the locals here in Kuala Lumpur until it's time to fly back to the states. Okay, I'm still considering a weekend trip to Singapore but if I go I have a place already set up to come back to. This is my home for the next thirty days!

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  1. Huh, go back to USA afterward? I feel like you haven't visited enough yet. lol Why will you go to USA so soon? I thought you were going to see so much more and go to Japan. lol

  2. Yeah, it does seem like I've only tipped the iceberg. Anyway, I have to say it's that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I mean that in the sense that when a person looks at a buffet the way I do, they think, I must try one of everything. Sorry to admit but the world is to big for me to handle all at once. I have been on the go for a year now and I had many places on my list but I've hit about 33%. That's what happens when you think big... but I have no regrets. I've seen and enjoyed a lot! I know I'll set sail again and next trip I'll see some more! Thanks Robert for your comment! I'll visit Japan one day I'm sure! Probably sooner than later. Especially, if you are still there to show me around. Cheers!


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