Sunday, May 27, 2012

Batu Caves Probably = Batu Graves

Yesterday was a reminder just how fragile life can be. Luckily, tragedy was averted when timing probably saved my friend's life. 

My friend Steve and his girlfriend took me up to the Batu Caves here in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. He and I climbed up to the top and explored for a bit while I stocked up on photos. After which, we proceded to make our way back down the seemingly infinite staircase. Just as Steve had reached the bottom, a woman had lost her balance and came crashing right into him from behind. The impact knocked him down the remaining few steps he had left in front of him (luckily it was just a few). 

I was lagging behind a bit and did not see the collision because I spent half the time looking at my feet  while carefully negotiating each step. The incline is so intense that I felt like I would fall right off the hill at any moment. Apparently, that is exactly what does happen to some people. As I gazed up to see how much further I had left I saw the human pile up and realized my friend was part of it. I'm happy to say, at least on this day, lives were spared. Had Steve been higher up that hill it could've meant his life! Anyone would likely crack their head open tumbling down those concrete steps. Fortunately, that wasn't in the cards and Steve walked away. The girl, crying and seriously shaken up did as well. Once I caught up with Steve at the bottom and could tell he wasn't seriously injured I felt a sense of relief but in that same moment I couldn't help thinking how it could have gone much worse. The experience left me wondering how many people call the caves their final destination in life.

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  1. Wow! Good to hear all ok, take care...LW


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