Sunday, May 13, 2012

Travel nerves are in one piece... so far.

Notes from Michael's mind... 

 I leave tomorrow morning for Kuala Lumpur. So far so good with my anxiety. It's interesting to me that even things we as people want to do and find ourselves enjoying when we do them, can actually cause such feelings of complete terror and anxiousness. Equally intriguing, is that once I find myself out there doing what I love the feelings go away and the crazy things I imagine going wrong don't happen. Advice to self: do my best, live, enjoy and don't worry so much.


  1. Your living the dre Mie! If n your ss, I'd be in heaven. You will definately enjoy your time there. Just remember to come back and visit every once in a while! :)

  2. Keep us posted. And don't go spending all your money on some fancy record-player.

  3. Best luck to you! We're sure you'll enjoy your trip to KL - it's the best place in the world. We consider this a fact.


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