Friday, May 25, 2012

Traveling Has It's Advantages.

In a recent post I mentioned not being on vacation. That is because in my opinion full time travel isn't a vacation it's a lifestyle. One, that at times can be just as challenging or more so than any other lifestyle choice.  

Most of us know how to save enough funds to take vacation complete with adventure and or a much needed reprieve from everyday life; all the while surrounded by the familiar comforts of home at a nice resort or hotel. 

What it is to travel means something else. It means removing yourself from what is familiar. It means budgeting and sacrificing comforts in order to learn and grow as a person. Travel also means reacquainting yourself with all the things you thought you already knew through a whole new experience. For example, laws and beliefs are different from back home. The every day things such as crossing the street, getting a haircut or grocery shopping are no longer rote operations performed at scheduled intervals. Everything requires engagement of the brain just like when you learned it the first time. 

So, what are some advantages? 

First off being engaged fully in life is an advantage of it's own! There are many others as well but I won't post about them. I'll let you think about it a little. I will share my favorite aspect... 

If you've planned right, then you will regain your time and it is yours to use how you like. The number one thing I like about travel is not having to give up my time to someone else. For example, this lifestyle choice is one where work is a means to an end not an endless search for a paycheck. Also, it means if you grow tired of a place you move to the next without a lease that obligates you to stay put.  I could go on. Simply put full on travel mode means my time is my time and it's the best part of this way of life. 

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