Friday, May 18, 2012

Reflections Of Another Year Gone by... well almost.

10 months in on 2 years time off (If that's what you call it)...

I started my latest excursion July 2011. It's now May 2012. What's come of it so far? I suppose it's all in how I or anyone interested would look at it.

If I were to try to glamorize it, I might talk about things like: how I have crisscrossed my own country from west to east visiting friends and family in New Mexico, California and the Pacific Northwest, then bounced around the east coast on Amtrak having revisited New York and adding Massachusetts to my list of places stopped in all while passing through places like Road Island and Connecticut.

I also filmed up in Vancouver BC and I'm currently in Malaysia the start of my Asian tour.

That's the summary version in a good light. Here are a bit more of the details:

While in NM I lived a life of leisure and luxury. I chilled on the sofa watching Netflix, went for a cruise here and there in a beautiful Benz, hard top convertible SLK, and bummed around with a new K9 buddy. Also, I helped prepare mango salsa and roasted green chili's on the grill. All while visiting my oldest and closest friend Jeff and his awesome wife Michelle.


Up in the Pacific NW I caught up with the folks, got fat on moms European cooking and made another K9 pal to walk the streets of Portland with. I caught up with more friends from back in the day. I became a lounge lizard at my favorite pub theater the Bagdad. 

I took Amtrak up to Canada and visited Vancouver BC for the first time. I took footage up there that I used to make my first TV pilot show idea Live Outside The Cage.

I avoided the winter in San Diego, went to Crazy Burger, got crazy lazy and stupid drunk while visiting my buddy Preston and made another new K9 friend.

I chilled in San Francisco at Green Tortoise hostel, one I've always wanted to crash at.

Now, I'm tropical Kuala Lumpur and ready to explore!

The other way I see it is that: I've been super lazy, I've done maybe a fraction of what I had on a long to do list, drank too much, ate too much, spent too much money on strippers and beer, procrastinated, had terrorizing - panic - stricken anxiety attacks and wondered probably literally a million times what the hell am I doing and is this worth it? My visions of romance and new friends met along the way of fun filled adventures have not become a reality. I have in fact spent much time alone and rather lonely. 

Alright that said, credit must be given where credit is due. I have chosen to live while I'm still alive. Everything may not be roses or perfect but so far I'm still in one piece. I have accomplished many things already that I can be proud of. So, the question was, has my decision to ditch my half life existence in search of a fulfilled life been worth it? What did I loose and what have I gained? Have I come out on top or am I at least on my way there? 

If you read this tell me what you think. Worth it or a waste? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. dear michael what your posting is all worth it..... yeah baby yeah!!!!!....LW.... I say have some fun ha ha ha....yayoo

  2. Thanks! & you're not anonymous anymore. :)


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