Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bangkok Bound

I'm busing it to Bangkok from Phuket next Thursday. I'm both excited and frightened. I once heard both emotions trigger the same physiological responses. 

Anyway, fingers crossed everything will be fine. It seems no matter how many times I venture off somewhere new, all alone, I still get jitters. So far, I've always come back just fine and glad for the experience. If you ever have doubts about venturing off yourself, by yourself, take it from me, it's better to go and know then to sit and wonder. 


  1. Wow Michael you are brave man, truly a man of adventure. Hope your travels are safe yet exciting....remember I am tagging along and have high PS..I do agree that both excitment and fear trigger same physiological responses, at least that has been my personal experience. Bye, Cindy :)

  2. Well, then I'll be sure to post more pictures. I'm sure it wil be an adventure! Thanks for the comments.


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