Monday, June 4, 2012

Luxury For The Backpacker

Every backpacker knows that to keep sane it's a good idea to reclaim some personal space & creature comforts during a long trip. Translation, there comes a time to splurge for a private room and get out the hostel dorms. If you haven't spent all your money at the pub there should be something in the budget left to treat yourself.

I happen to be in luck! First, I am traveling through Asia so the hostels have lower rates then some parts of the world (Western Europe for example). Anyway, I already had a private room back at Paradiso, the hostel I chose as my first crash pad here in Kuala Lumpur due to their reasonable rates. Nevertheless, it was still a hostel and accommodations are basic (read my other post Crashing At Hostels Is Like Camping - Inside The City for details).

So, what's the recipe for luxury for the backpacker? Well, basically add one measure  of privacy, a dash of the comforts of home and roll it up with a budget price tag and you're cooking with Crisco! 

I set out to find my peace & I discovered Victory 2 Boutique Hotel where I then settled in for some pampering. Now, I've got Wifi, my own TV, air conditioning, private bath with soap & shampoo! Throw in a comfy bed with fresh linen every day and clean towels and I call this luxury. Never mind if you stand up and turn around then you've seen the entire room. Size doesn't matter, really it doesn't. Forget about the fact that this room is lacking a window. Don't fret over the fact that the shower, sink and toilet are all sharing the same space. If you are seriously minimalist like me and just appreciate simplicity then some personal space and minimal indulgence is luxury to you as it is to me. 

Check out some pictures of my digs.... 





(Yes the shower is in there with toilet and sink, the design works. Basically, the concrete like tile floor has a large drain in it at the bottom. The toilet and sink are positioned in a way that they really don't get wet when the shower runs. My towel in the back there never got a drop on it. The sliding door closes tight and seals with a latch. The entire room then becomes fairly water tight. When you're finished showering it only takes a few minutes and the floor is dry and mirror defrosted. Quite clever. I hear this is called Hong Kong style as they are masters of making use of space to the max.)




  1. Man you are living like king Midas now! Regardless, it is nice to see a smile on your face. Let's have more of that my brother!

  2. Thanks man! Been smiling a lot more lately. :)

  3. Hi Michael, my name is Cindy, I am one of Ladonna's friends. She told me to check this out...just letting you know I think it's great. I can't afford to travel period so tagging along via this blog is in my budget. Anyway be safe and keep having fun.

    1. Hi Cindy!

      Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like my blog. Please, feel free to join or sign up for emails. Also, have a look at the photos & videos and comment as you like. I'm glad I can help you at least reach as sense of traveling while your budget isn't cooperating.


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