Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Elephant Trekking & Full Circuit Training

Yesterday was my first time. Riding an elephant that is. What a ride! You really have to get up and close to one of these creatures to truly appreciate what a sizable beast this is. To ride one, or should I say hang on to one for dear life while it's moving, is pretty magnificent. It's also, one hell of a workout. While it moves slow, there is considerable rocking from side to side thrust upon the rider. It was worse for me at first because I was tense (unlike my other first time I wasn't drunk). After I got used to it and over the fear of falling off it became easier to go with the flow. Still, after 45 minutes trekking, it feels like every muscle in your body was put to use. I highly recommend the experience and report that it's one hell of a workout! 


  1. Is that your new Taxi service? Ooops, did I just give you an idea?

    1. Hmm, I think that's a great idea. I wonder how I'd hook up the meter. Suppose I could run it like they do in Kuala Lumpur and just put a sign on the elephant that says metered even though I don't actually have.

  2. Wow!!Very cool and a workout too!! Never been on a elephant, looks pretty scary..but now thanks to you I know it can be painful as well..lol Thanks for sharing Michael :) Sincerely, Cindy..L Walkers friend

  3. It's only a problem if you fall off. The workout is a bonus. Hang on tight if you ever try it. :)


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