Thursday, June 7, 2012

Travel Fantasy Is Like the Open A Coffee Shop Fantasy

I remember reading some time ago about the reality of opening a coffee shop compared with the fantasy. The gist was, people can't get an accurate sense of what it takes by having a cup at there favorite spot 3 times a week. To truly get a idea of what it's like it would be best to get a job at one (for starters). The same thing can be said about traveling. Sometimes when people come back from vacation they feel that they would like to travel more, perhaps even relocate to the city they were just at and having such a wonderful time there. It seems life is grand. People are friendly. The food was great. The weather was so nice, etc. I call this Travel Fantasy. 

If you want to know what it's like to travel it won't be discovered on vacation. If you think your new dream land is somewhere to move to you might be right but you won't know until your living like one of the locals, which, are not on vacation. Much like learning about a coffee shop by working in one will help you figure out if such a dream is in reality the right fit for you, take traveling seriously, make it your job. 


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