Monday, June 11, 2012

My Address In Thailand - Immigration Wants To Know

Staubi Relaxing By The Pool.

Funny story,

I took the immigration entry card a bit too literal when I arrived in Phuket just a few days ago. On the card it asks for your address in Thailand. I actually don't live in Thailand so I left it blank. Of course, all they wanted was the address of my hotel or wherever I was staying. 

I knew better too. I read about the Thais sending you to the back of the line or refusing entry if you don't fill out the form entirely. Was I denied? Oh yeah! I didn't realize at first what was wrong but luckily I figured it out with a little help. Then, got back in line, after finishing the form (with my aunt & uncle's address). I also signed it like I was supposed to this time. After a couple more minutes in line, I was on my way to "my address in Thailand". 

Below, a few pic's of the house. To see more pictures inside and the neighborhood click HERE or go to the Photos tab. 

P.S. now I'm on vacation!
My Room.
The Kitchen With Breakfast Bar.

The Living Room.


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